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We are a team of programmers and webmasters specialized in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing and Website development. We have over 10 years of experience in improving a website’s position in search engines and over time we succeeded to increase the organic traffic for our customers. Our business started as a passion, first with opening and replacing parts from a 486-computer when it was in vogue, mIRC was today’s facebook and continued with the desire to bring sites to top google positions just to see if we can :). The other abilities (Social Media, Web Server Installation, Programming, Automation) have become a necessity to better rank websites in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

  • SEO changes every year or so, sometimes faster, because internet is changing, because there are new rules and requirements, because the main search engine google decides and we must follow otherwise we lose traffic and potential clients.

    We don’t like to brag, we don’t like to use various acronyms to seem smart and to confuse a client,we aren’t the best in SEO business, we cannot guarantee first place in search engines only first page(for most sites),we cannot do miracles - we cannot bring a site with unbelievable big competition(like adult sites in english language) on first page without a huge budget but we are confident in our services and we can offer you a contract like this: we do your SEO and you’ll pay in the end if you are satisfied with the result :)

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing has emerged as a result of optimization needs. When we say Social Media Marketing we reffer to increase the number of (followers, likes, google plus, etc.) and to share your content on other people’s social networks. Google recently introduced social media as a ranking signal in their search engine. Social Media Marketing is sometimes necessary to keep your position in search engines.

Website development

  • We build sites on most CMS or directly in HTML,CSS and php. We prefer WordPress as CMS, because we consider it to be the best solution for your business both in terms of search engine optimization and administration.

Web Server Installation

  • We started to install web serves as a necessity of optimization service. We wanted to take advantage of some ranking boosts as Google described them like https, pagespeed module and in general to have control over all processes on a website. For web servers we use LEMP stack(Linux,Nginx,MySql-MariaDb,Php-fpm) because we consider Nginx more powerful then Apache(personal opinion).

Automate Tasks

  • Some repetitive tasks become tedious, taking too much time. With the help of programs like iMacros and AutoHotkey we can create small programs to do these tasks for you so you can do something else with your time.

PHP programmer - html and css developer

  • If you need someone to modify existing scripts and programs, or to create new php ones, to modify web pages in HTML and CSS, you can contact us.

Cannot add post/page wordpress >4.6 consecutively

Cannot add post/page wordpress >4.6 consecutively because of overwriting problem I have experienced a strange problem, adding a second post shortly after the first, overwrites the first post in wordpress. Meaning I could only post after logging out. Took me over 2 hours to find out the problem, after tested everything, including disabling op-cache for php, pausing cloudflare site, changing browser with tor, removing site from docker etc..This is the problem I’ve had: Strange fact it was a brand new install of wordpress, with twenty-seventeen theme, no plugins..Finally I’ve realized that the problem was in all sites, not just WordPress, so was somehow related to cache, and not from WordPress […]

Docker containers back-up with shell scripts

Docker containers back-up with some small schell scripts twice per month We’ll be making 2 small shell scripts to backup our containers and insert them in crontab. Theese scripts are for two containers but you can extend them as you please. I have two containers nginx/php-fpm and mariadb. We’ll put our shell script inside /home First is named and second

(to see active containers) Here we have 3 containers mariadb and nginx-php-fpm with ids b7b7ad5f1314 and f541404f564f and with names tot9_mariadb and tot9_nginx-php-fpm Now we start our shell scripts:

after we opened the file we place:

ctrl+x and yes to save. Where b7b7ad5f1314 is container […]

Linkback Opportunity From High DA Sites

Linkback Opportunity: We can help you place a linkback to high DA(Domain Authority) websites like moz,forbes,cnn To have a better placement in google’s search engine(actually in most search engines) is best to have linkbacks from well-known sites (with high DA). Google algorithm changed the past years, so these days is better to have 10 well placed linkbacks rather than 500 not so good. Indeed some niches are very competitive and beside the usual seo is always a good idea to have some linkbacks from well known and trusted websites. Also important is that not all people can buy links from these sites, so we advice you not to ignore this […]

Translating text without plugin – wordpress

Translating text (string) without plugin from a multi-language wordpress website and how to make it appear only on homepage In this post we’ll show you how to make your wordpress show a static text on front-page and how to translate that text in every language on your site. We need: – WordPress multilangual (bilingual)- used for translating text – Poedit free version – FTP access ( so we can modify and upload files ) – Notepad Plus Plus for easy editing (automated line numbering) What we use: – twentyfourteen theme (where you’ll see a path/line that contains twentyfourteen word please replace it with your active theme word) – romainan website […]

Optimize Images (SEO) How To Keep The Quality

Optimize Images (SEO): How to optimize a image without quality loss Some of the programs that we use may change(minor) picture quality, even if we want to remain the same. When referring to a picture optimization basically we’re referring to size reduction (image compression) to save space and bandwidth, so that google PageSpeed won’t give us the following error: A correct image optimization should have title,description and file name well chosen. There 2 ways to optimize a image: Lossy and Lossless. –Lossy Sacrifices a small amount of image quality so you can save much file weight. –Lossless Reduces as much as it can from file weight without damaging the quality. […]

Resize Pictures Without Losing Quality

Resize Pictures: How can we resize a image without losing quality for our client and for SEO I’ll bet that some of you are resizing and optimizing pictures wrong, maybe SEO correct but wrong for client. We realize this when we had a photographer as a client. Before we begin, because we’ll use their image in this tutorial, we like to thank the nice people at Pif Media and if you ever need a wedding photographer you can contact them with confidence (please do not consider this advertising because our contract with them ended before this post). In this tutorial we’ll chose the best resizing programs. We will not cover […]

PageRank Importance is ZERO!

PageRank Importance: Google Pagerank is not used anymore Meaning is dead/finished/zero/bye!..Write us! Many directories and websites still use the method “I have PR 4-5-6-7” it will cost around $100 US/ year to place your link on our directory/site. This is not worth it anymore, and you need to carefully consider this type of links. Well, maybe for yahoo directory and few other sites with alexa under 10000 or well known and reputable sites you might benefit, but all the rest you should avoid. Before buying a link you should know that: 1 is against google policy and 2 latest trend for google is to penalize directories selling links. Even if […]

Remove Category Above Post Title

How To Remove Category Above Post Title For me it doesn’t look good when I see category above post title. I admit it has some utility for user, it is much easier to see which category belongs the post, but we kinda confusing for SEO, it’s an extra word instead of post title. Therefore we have to remove it, and visitors can choose categories from the menu. This is what I mean: This method applies to twentyfourteen theme and probably several others. Many theme developers remove category above post title by default. METHOD 1: We modify theme’s code so that we don’t make unnecessary requests to database. The file you’re […]

Intel I7 processor, Changing Cooler, Benchmark

Intel I7 processor, changing standard cooler that came with processor and benchmarks Hi there! We thought to make you acquainted with our new friend Intel I7-4790 processor, 3.6GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150 that we test for 2 months and we are satisfied. From the beginning we want to let you know that the only difference between this version of Intel I7-4790 processor and Intel I7-4790K processor, 4.0GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150 variant , is that it comes factory overclocked and price difference of $45 – $65 is not justified. I took this Intel I7-4790 processor, 3.6GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150 as it comes (boxed) and I’ve mounted on motherboard. Guess […]

List of 16 Sites Using Twitter Bootstrap

16 Sites Using Twitter Bootstrap Platform There are increasingly more sites using twitter bootstrap, we got 16 of them, as promised in WebSite Development . You can choose to use twitter bootstrap for many reasons, the most common being the speed compared to write all the code in html, php and css .., integration with all types of devices (from desktop to phone ipad etc) and that comes with modified javascript libraries in a way that you can skip writing lines of code. But please beare in mind that havely modifing a wordpress theme or a site using twitter bootstrap to make it “original” takes time and is hard with […]