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Some of the things here may not apply to your country, I wrote some stuff here based on experience had with posts from net in Romanian language, and this page is a translation from my native language to English.
Also sorry for misspells, I’m sure they are many:)

History + Purpose

The idea of this site came accidentally, I was thinking of something else(I didn’t abandon the idea but from lack of time i have to postpone it) anyway I wanted to buy a domain related only

IT Advice
IT Advice
to pc repair, and to make a small business out of it.

One day I was surfing the net, I don’t know what I was looking for exactly, probably a place to co-locate my server, and I saw that some websites beside hosting services they offer “SEO Optimization” and on some forums ppl commented that “is better to rent a server then to buy one and co-locate because the hdd breaks fast” and some other non-sense(I will make some pages under the Bible Category to explain how I feel about these aberrations).. I thought this is not Ok and I could make a site with SEO services and info, Centos+Nginx installation, WordPress and some other stuff.

Of course my main reason to do this is to earn income and consists into offering my/our services, but we’ll post almost everything we know here free, to help some of you who don’t have money to speare but they have time to learn.


I don’t stand the ambiguous statements with lots of tech terms, from my experience(looking at politicians in my country ) lots of words with lots of tech terms to a person who doesn’t work into that tech field is a bad sign, and also just saying a bunch of “fancy” tech words doesn’t necessarily mean that you know how to use them. So I try to express myself in a way that a beginner can understand what I’m saying.


Finished high-school as assistant programmer, but that degree doesn’t help me these days because most of it is Turbo Pascal, C, SQL, and of course Norton Commander :)
SEO: The most proud achievement is ranking 2 adult websites under 100.000k Alexa(Alexa.com) for a friend of mine.This took over 3 years because he didn’t had money to spend on advertising
Web Server:Centos with Nginx. I was into Apache a while back but after first nginx install I will not go back..*for now..
Pen-Testing: Well we have little experience here, we can test with some older and well known vulnerabilities, and with certain tools although pretty advanced, inefficient if you maintain an updated site, but we can offer reliable services from our sponsors

How much it did you spend/still spend on this website

Well actually we only pay the monthly co-location fee. At the beginning we had to pay also the domains that we bought.
We didn’t bought any plugin,theme, ssl certificates etc(all we use if free), also we didn’t bought any publicity(google adwords or any similar companies) to promote our website. We consider that if a company/person offers SEO(Search Engine Optimization) it/he shouldn’t buy advertising or send spam to offer services. It/he should improve SERP(Search Engine Results Page) applying the knowledge at their disposal(After all they provide services in SEO right?), and in the case that advertising is bought they still have to be in the first 2 google page without the paid advertising.

How your site works?

IT Advice is a website based on WordPress CMS(Content Management System) with TwentyFourteen as theme, with Nginx as web-server and Centos as operating system. I have a rackable server from Fujitsu Siemens(bought second-hand). If you’re interested in specs you can find them here

Democracy here, Or I can post what I want

As in Russia:) Meaning it is but not so much..:). I have no problem with criticism, mean comments, but I will not approve comments like “You’re wrong” “I heard from a friend that” because I want this site to actually help people, you need to put 2-3 links from sites preferably under 500k Alexa stating your point. A simple “You’re wrong” won’t do! Also I don’t know if this applies in your country, I will not approve paid comments, meant to intentionally mislead the visitor to buy a service or product that won’t justify the money. (To give you an example: Like a public television with the owner being into politics. Of course the television news will be misleading in the favor of the party in which the owner is)

Affiliate links

I will post affiliate links only to products which I consider worthy to be bought(The products that I would by for me) and I will post “affiliate link” near link in question because I want people to know on what type of link they click to(this is the right thing to do, and if a visitor buys under my affiliate link great, but he needs to know that is an affiliate link)


We don’t expect anything, we hope that info posted here will be useful to you. We ask you if you can, and if you find our info useful to post a link to our site or to the article that you liked, or to share our page/article to facebook or any other social networks that you use.
Also we cannot say no to donations(If you want to buy us a beer or something’)
Paypal: mailwrq
Neither the donations or sharing or posting links are not mandatory. Will take them as an appreciation of our work. A thank you if you want :)

PS: It’s cool to answer your own questions :))

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