Automate Tasks, Let Your PC Work For You

We Automate Tasks, We Put Your Computer to Good Use

Through task automation services we’ll let the computer do most of your work, more accurately the part that doesn’t require human interaction.
For example, if you log-on different sites(mail services, forums, ads) and on your server or home pc, and all this logging in took about 20 min(including time to wait before windows loads), we can reduce this time to 4-5 min without pressing any buttons. You can drink your coffee:)).

We can save you time even if things are a little more complicated, like when your need to extract data from different websites or if you have different url’s that you want to post on different platforms(reddit, delicious, etc..) or if you have more different requests like (getting users, email addresses, etc from a txt,csv or excel file, to be used to post on different forums, placing free ads, etc..)

If you use a service like Death by Captcha we can automate your browser to pass captcha. We can bind keys to execute certain list of commands. We can make for example a little script that searches on different websites news about a certain subject and once found it saves data into a txt file so you can read it later.
We work with Imacros (they have addons for Firefox, Chrome, IE and their own browser) and AutoHotKey. This is how an Auto Hot Key script looks like:

Automate Tasks
Automate Tasks AutoHotKey Script

Below in video, we have a small program that runs when operating system is loaded(in this case windows 7). This script logs me to various mail services, extracts some proxies, sorts them and logs me on server. Phyton program(that extracts proxies from isn’t mine, I just modified it a little and you can find it here (with explications). If you need somebody that knows his way around Phyton you can contact him, from what we viewed on his site is more than ok.

The price for task automation service depends on your needs. It can vary from $10 to ..(depending on how many hours we spend on it)

We release the script as an executable file (*.exe) and payment will be done when you are satisfied with results. We are convinced that a script made by us will save you a lot of time, and we can automate about any repetitive task.

You can call us at (+4) 0720 617 783 or you can send us an email from Contact page

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