Cannot add post/page wordpress >4.6 consecutively

Cannot add post/page wordpress >4.6 consecutively because of overwriting problem

I have experienced a strange problem, adding a second post shortly after the first, overwrites the first post in wordpress. Meaning I could only post after logging out. Took me over 2 hours to find out the problem, after tested everything, including disabling op-cache for php, pausing cloudflare site, changing browser with tor, removing site from docker etc..This is the problem I’ve had:

Strange fact it was a brand new install of wordpress, with twenty-seventeen theme, no plugins..Finally I’ve realized that the problem was in all sites, not just WordPress, so was somehow related to cache, and not from WordPress

Little history: Pragma is a client request header that normally shouldn’t be present in server response. In earlier WordPress versions it was added for compatibility with older IE versions that didn’t understand Cache-Control. In WordPress 4.6 it was removed as no longer necessary

expire max
expire max

The problem in Nginx case, comes from expires max miss-used. Must be set with location from certain file types on which you’d like to add expire for example:

In Apache case:

If this doesn’t work, although is unlikely, you can try to add in your current theme, functions.php file this:

Last modified: August 28, 2017