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Scripts (actually mini-scripts) in bash, php, python which I hope will save you time

AutoUpdate WordPress with Woocommerce via XMLRPC

Worked at more complex than usual project, that I can show, so I thought to update this site I’ll be brief because you’ll find all details about this here(normal video speed, project info, description etc) Programming and SEO project Below is video at 2x speed. Script auto-updates our site with products and prices from manufacturer. Near end you’ll find some seo details and an ads poster(lightweight version, doesn’t help rankings but it can be used to attract more clients) Copying part of script should work on almost all WordPress w/wo Woocommerce sites

Bash Script to Install WordPress Automatically with WP-CLI

A small bash script to install wordpress with wp-cli I decided to write a small bash script to speed up wordpress installation. This script should work in ubuntu/debian and centos/redhat but with minor changes. I use supervisored, so you need to replace supervisored word from script with what you have (systemctl, etc). In addition I decided to put more ping services (although this slows the site loading speed if you post frequently) for posterity Of course I assume you already have your database with user and pass..

If you encounter problems leave a comment, and we will solve it

Docker containers back-up with shell scripts

Docker containers back-up with some small schell scripts twice per month We’ll be making 2 small shell scripts to backup our containers and insert them in crontab. Theese scripts are for two containers but you can extend them as you please. I have two containers nginx/php-fpm and mariadb. We’ll put our shell script inside /home First is named and second

(to see active containers) Here we have 3 containers mariadb and nginx-php-fpm with ids b7b7ad5f1314 and f541404f564f and with names tot9_mariadb and tot9_nginx-php-fpm Now we start our shell scripts:

after we opened the file we place:

ctrl+x and yes to save. Where b7b7ad5f1314 is container […]