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Installing and most common and useful plugins required for a website based on Wordpress CMS from SEO point of view

WordPress Optimization For Speed Improvement

WordPress Optimization, we improve the site’s speed I this post I will not refer to image optimization or moving scripts to footer, https or others. I will limit to a few simple things that can be done by anyone, observed at “volume” (the changes are minor as for speed gain is only about 0,.. seconds if you don’t have a big site, but as it grows you’ll earn more). For example, the cron change below on a server with 32 sites has improved the loading speed of each site by over 3 seconds (well it’s more complicated each site had a bot posting in it at every 7 min or […]

Install WP-CLI for better wordpress maintenance

How to install WP-CLI for WordPress First of all what is WP-CLI and how it can helps us? WP-CLI is the official command line to interact and manage your website in wordpress. It has a lot of useful commands. Of course for most we can install plugins, but why use plugins if we can install WP-CLI? It installs simply after you log in (I use it as root don’t do like me because will open some vulnerabilities. Install it as a user)

We can test it like:

If it’s ok we’ll see something like in the picture below: The utility of WP-CLI:

For a larger list of […]

List Of Useful WP-CLI Commands

List of useful WP-CLI commands to better manage wordpress Well I thought it would not hurt to put a list of useful commands both for you and for me,because I forget them Let’s start: 1. Deleting revisions

Please note that you must install a package in order for this to work see more here: WordPress Optimization For Speed Improvement 2. Delete transients

3. Delete posts from the trash

4. Delete pending comments

5. See the crons scheduled in json format

6. Delete event scheduled in wordpress cron

7. Optimizing database

8. Fixing database

9. Search and replace in database

10. Check […]

Disable WordPress Auto-Updates for Theme and Plugins

Disable wordpress auto-updates,theme and plugins A WordPress default installation will upgrade if minor version is released. This also happens to some themes and plugins. Some of these updated plugins or themes might break your site functionality(they tend to disable,block your site to maintenance mode or make some visual elements unavailable) In addition when leaving the auto-updates on will consume some server resources. The “x” plugin checks once a day if there is an update to it, if there is one it notifies you. I’ve decided to get rid of all this auto-update thinggy on some sites just to be safe. If I want updates I can always check manually. In […]

Remix WordPress Theme SLOW QUERY FIX

Remix WordPress Theme SLOW QUERY on Artists, Songs FIX The problem occurs when you have medium size database. Query to database can take up to 30s, for artists songs. The problem lies in /themes/remix/functions.php file more specific the related function which gives you all related songs/artists/lyrics/etc. This is the actual function:

Database query is interpeded like this:

As you can see from above pic it’s a sad sad situation:) We want to change that into this:

As you can see is an enormous improvement over this query. Here’s the updated function related(be awere that i didn’t need all post types, this is only for artists and songs, […]

How to make a simple wordpress shortcode?

How to generate a simple wordpress shortcode, for example an ad I think that is best to write a shortcode so we don’t have to insert same long info in every post. For example insted of introducing this:

Into every post is simplier to insert this:

this will output the entire code above, and we can change the ad as we need without changing every post. this is the code:

Replace from

with your needs. You can make this as a plugin or you can write it in loaded function.php file (loaded theme). Notice that I used return and not echo. If you use “echo” in […]

Cannot add post/page wordpress >4.6 consecutively

Cannot add post/page wordpress >4.6 consecutively because of overwriting problem I have experienced a strange problem, adding a second post shortly after the first, overwrites the first post in wordpress. Meaning I could only post after logging out. Took me over 2 hours to find out the problem, after tested everything, including disabling op-cache for php, pausing cloudflare site, changing browser with tor, removing site from docker etc..This is the problem I’ve had: Strange fact it was a brand new install of wordpress, with twenty-seventeen theme, no plugins..Finally I’ve realized that the problem was in all sites, not just WordPress, so was somehow related to cache, and not from WordPress […]

Remove Category Above Post Title

How To Remove Category Above Post Title For me it doesn’t look good when I see category above post title. I admit it has some utility for user, it is much easier to see which category belongs the post, but we kinda confusing for SEO, it’s an extra word instead of post title. Therefore we have to remove it, and visitors can choose categories from the menu. This is what I mean: This method applies to twentyfourteen theme and probably several others. Many theme developers remove category above post title by default. METHOD 1: We modify theme’s code so that we don’t make unnecessary requests to database. The file you’re […]