Improving SERP, Website Optimization

Improving SERP, Website Optimization is the last part of our bible

None knows the exact algorithm google uses to rank our sites. It’s a sum of factors including content, speed, links to website, protocol, links from website, density and many more. You must be careful with the person that manages your website optimization.

7. Submitting our site to countless directories and other websites

You need to be cautious about this one, many will want link-backs from your site in order to list your site on their directory/website. If you have many outgoing links from your main page to not so good quality websites won’t be good for improving SERP, it may even hurt you. I agree it’s ok to enter your website to few quality directories/sites related to your activity. It may hurt you if you’ll buy links(google specifically discourages that) and appear all at once. Like one day you have 20 links pointing to your site and the other you have 5000. Also it will not help you at all if you place your links to unrelated websites. Preferably the directories/websites that are linking back to your site will have different C class ip’s (Ip is in A.B.C.D form and A is between [0-255], B is between [0-255] and so on). You can rank first page in google with only few quality links to your site.

8. Claming to be SEO expert due to Google Adwords/Partner certification

Google Adwords Partner
Google Adwords Partner
Google Partner
Google Partner

First thing you need to understand that there’s a difference between google adwords/google analytics/google partner. We observed an increase in the number of people who are saying that they’re SEO experts and put google adwords/google partner diploma as evidence. Adwords diploma refers simply that man/company is good to buy advertisement and probably find keywords suitable for your site.That does not mean he knows to optimize your site: google advice on how to become google adwords partner: Google Adwords Partner.
Google partner (second image) must already have google adwords certified partner and in addition must:

– Create and complete a Partners company profile…
– Meet the Spend requirement across your managed accounts…(At least US $10,000 in total AdWords spend over the last 90 calendar days.)
– Implement the recommended best practices…

The link is Google Partner .I would hire a adwords certified man/company to make my adwords campaign. I am confident that he’ll succeed. In the moment that you brag with your google adwords/partner diploma and you let us to believe that you got that diploma for SEO, making it like google gave you a SEO diploma, it means that you’re trying to screw me, and that says a lot about what services you’re offering…

These are the most common factors that would determine me NOT to buy improving SERP services

What you need to know is that Google Guidelines are law as far as improving your SERP goes. If you want to have success in your on-line business you must be friends with Google. You can find them here Google Laws I recommend that you read them carefully.

Improving SERP date in google
Improving SERP date in google

Remember alexa, and where you don’t know/don’t understand search in google for 2-3 websites on the same subject. Also look at the date of article. Tip: Is a trend in google to use date for posts/pages(especially for explicative pages/less on product pages). In the picture is youtube using date. There is still a debate if is better to use the date or not.

Improving SERP, Website Optimization we we like and don’t

  • Don’t like on websites about improving SERP and in general, “flashy” style. Google cannot index flash for now. It’s nice to have a website with all kind of things emerging form left or from right, various effects and so on, but those effects require javascript, more javascript slower loading time site(SEO requirement- fast websites).This doesn’t apply to large websites that have servers all-over the world, or to websites using CDN like Amazon/Cloudflare. If you look at Facebook starting page, without being logged in there is nothing “falshy”. You can look at the top sites to have a better idea..
  • Don’t like self praise and techy words that not all understand. Like I’ve done SEO for 304932 sites and I’ve sent 24234432 clicks and I’m super I do it all,improving SERP,SEM(Search Engine Marketing) etc. If you have done SEO for 234123 site’s this doesn’t mean that every single one of those people are happy about it. If you’ve sent 4234324 clicks, we must trust you on your word that all were organic clicks? Maybe you haven’t done anything else that to send paid clicks to a website.
  • Don’t like if you’re posting useless info to me. You put on your improving SERP website, headlines about how google updates: Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird (Algorithms that scan sites for back links, reliable links and so on) things that are of no interest to average visitator. If you respect the Google Guidelines you will be ok. As long as you grew naturally, you don’t redirect users you will be ok.These are useless info for me, made to attract visitors. I would rather see that: Google announced in August 2014 that will boost sites using https. This info is relevant to me because if I use ssl I will receive a boost from google
  • Like A Good Alexa Rank
  • Like Using Https(Improving SERP,Website Optimization) How google gives you boost if you use SSL SSL BOOST
  • Like Using Sprites
  • Like Fast loading Speed

The list is rather large if I were to choose a improving SERP service, but the above likes will show me that you know what you’re talking about. For all this terms SERP,SEO,SEM you don’t need a college degree, you learn them from internet, by paying attention to the signals coming from google, and from having websites on which you can experiment.
Many believe if they check your site for keyword density and if they enter your website to 200 directories plus an adwrods campaign will be enough. From my point of view this isn’t it, there are many factors to take into consideration. Will post on this site almost everything we know, and we’ll let you decide for yourself.
These 3 pages from bible are my personal opinions :) if you take them into account when choosing our services or others is your business :)

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