Install WP-CLI for better wordpress maintenance

How to install WP-CLI for WordPress

First of all what is WP-CLI and how it can helps us?

WP-CLI is the official command line to interact and manage your website in wordpress. It has a lot of useful commands. Of course for most we can install plugins, but why use plugins if we can install WP-CLI?

It installs simply after you log in (I use it as root don’t do like me because will open some vulnerabilities. Install it as a user)

We can test it like:

If it’s ok we’ll see something like in the picture below:
Install WP-CLI for better wordpress maintenance

The utility of WP-CLI:

For a larger list of commands: List Of Useful WP-CLI Commands and if you want to be a bit funky, a bash script to help you Bash Script to Install WordPress Automatically with WP-CLI

Last modified: February 11, 2018