Intel I7 processor, Changing Cooler, Benchmark

Intel I7 processor, changing standard cooler that came with processor and benchmarks

Hi there!
We thought to make you acquainted with our new friend Intel I7-4790 processor, 3.6GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150 that we test for 2 months and we are satisfied.

Intel I7 processor : Thermal Paste on CPU
Thermal Paste on CPU

From the beginning we want to let you know that the only difference between this version of Intel I7-4790 processor and Intel I7-4790K processor, 4.0GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150 variant , is that it comes factory overclocked and price difference of $45 – $65 is not justified.

I took this Intel I7-4790 processor, 3.6GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150 as it comes (boxed) and I’ve mounted on motherboard. Guess what it goes to 4.0GHz without tampering it in any way (overclocking), so we took the $45 price difference and turned into a brand new, shiny cooler. The weight of this present is 875g (30.8 oz) which says a lot about a cooler, he is very good friend of this Intel CPU, and the cooler’s name is Zalman CNPS14X.


We decided to change cooler that came with the processor Intel Core i7-4790, 3.6GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150 (I bought the “box” – ie processor with cooler in the same package)

Intel I7 processor -  Original CPU cooler
Original CPU cooler

with Zalman CNPS14X a few days ago. I think this decision was one of the best made so far as this processor becomes very powerful with a proper cooling. The only downside to this cooler is the installation procedure time and although we recognize that it is the first time we mount this type of cooler, we didn’t expect to last one hour and a half. Due to the size and weight of cooler it comes with a stand that has grip on the back of the motherboard. Dimensions are: Heatsink (L x l x G)(mm) : 140 x 126 x 159.3 and of course the weight is 875g (30.8 oz).

Intel I7 processor  - Motherboard with new Cooler
Motherboard with new Cooler

We mounted it in Game Daemon 5001 Mid Tower case, which we can say that has a very good price/quality ratio, a pleasant design and functionality of the case is good.

Intel I7 -  Open computer with original cooler
Open computer with original cooler


Intel I7-4790 processor - Open PC with new cooler
Open PC with new cooler

Another advantage of this cooler is that the radiator can be mounted with two additional 140mm fans. Oh, I nearly forgot to tell that this huge cooler is much quieter than the stock.

A drastic improvement in temperature is not observed when the processor is idle, the difference between Zalman CNPS14X and the stock is only 1 degree Celsius in idle (ie idle temp with stock cooler is 31 degrees and the Zalman is 29-30 degrees) but the huge difference is in benchmark tests and reaches 12 degrees Celsius! ( Ie the benchmark test with stock CPU cooler has reached a max temp of 70 degrees Celsius and with Zalman CNPS14X cooler a maximum temperature of 58 degrees Celsius ) we say that is more than drastic :)

We want to show the difference between our processor with adequate cooling in benchmark

Benchmark with intel I7 processor and capable cooler

From what we can see the difference between our processor( red in the table ) and an identical processor is 6 ms. The test was performed with the Prime95 program and benchmark data are taken from their website Mersenne Benchmarks . We know that maybe for us as as humans 6ms is not much or we are tempted to think that this difference is too small to be noticed but it is really a big matter when we have multiple applications open or a game that is requiring processor power.

We have to mention that a strong cooling maintains a good working processor for a longer duration of time and also allows a safe overclocking to be performed. When we say overclocking we mean something very subtle so we do not jeopardize the processor.

We would also like to announce the test results: Torture TEST with Prime95 program :


We want to conclude this article with a news (let’s say not so good) : games and applications currently are unable to take advantage of the potential of this CPU and Hyper-Threading Technology that creates logical cores per physical core, but more about this technology in a future post.

We look forward for the games creators and applications to give this processor a “run for the money” , because it’s currently “sleeping” :)

Last modified: August 28, 2017