Overview: Website, PC, WebServer, Privacy

I thought to post some generalities about the sites, pc, servers and privacy on the net. This are basic things that I consider to be useful.

Overview: Website (Surfing)

  • As I said in SEO Optimization, First in Search Engines Alexa..:)Use it!:).
  • To buy something from abroad I recommend: COD(Cash on Delivery), Escrow (Only ESCROW.COM) and Paypal.Avoid paying more than $ 2,500 U.S. by paypal, use escrow if COD is not available. I avoid entering credit card to smaller sites, I do it instead for larger companies but only if necessary (paypal, amazon, etc..).Also ok bank transfers only to companies, bitcoin is ok to trade/buy from dedicated sites like BitStamp, btc-e.com, etc. Avoid paying in advance especially to individuals and small businesses. Of course no matter how well you protect yourself a small risk exists
  • In country I recommend payment after receiving the product(COD). I say this because some companies keep your credit card data in their database. Someone can break into those databases..It’s ok to enter your credit card to websites accredited by your Government
  • Try to check the information you want from at least 2-3 sources, beside websites where users can vote solutions / responses like StackOverflow , Quora and Wikipedia. As a comparison, look at the same news on three different channels:))(don’t know if this applies to every country)

Overview: PC

  • Of course installing firewall (Internet Security). Anti-virus only deviruses your computer, the idea is not to catch the virus/malware/etc… I will not go into discussions about which is better. All this big names are reasonable, but all have some flaws: norton interent security, kaspersky, I heard good things about Windows firewall .. You can try free versions like Comodo. The idea is that you can get infected no-matter what interent security solution you might have if you don’t have the needed definition updates or your firewall isn’t updated. When you’re the un-lucky winner I recommend MalwareBytes
  • Do not put the same password everywhere, try to find something random, not to represent you like “3Asdn9#’sdZmFR[” as long as possible(over 12 chars), containing small letters,big letters,numbers and symbols. Ideal would be to separate the personal email from the one that you use at paypal and other financial insitutions and not to keep your passwords into an un-encrypted file. Windows 7,8 comes (depending on version) with BitLocker. Greater safety would be if you’d write them on paper :)) But let’s be serious .. It’s an alternative if you have bitcoins..Many Bitcoins:)
  • Keep Windwos/Programs updated(Pay attention to flash,quicktime..)
  • Dusting periodically
  • If you stay in areas where power is interrupted frequently buy a UPS

Overview: Privacy

How TOR Works
How TOR Works

Kinda hard these days, personally I don’t consider this to be normal. It’s like when google asks for your phone number(“in case that you forgot your password or something bad happens”), nice, but when the 3 security questions stopped working?(that used to be enough). Of course facebook knows it all, etc..This is not necessarily a bad thing unless you’re looking to do harm, but this doesn’t make it right also. It’s about principle. It’s freaky for me the idea that someone with quite a bit of influence can learn all about me if wanted. Even on dropbox you can encrypt information, but the key has a back-up on their servers in case the “Authorities require” (ok how am I assured that no-one else beside the authorities can access that? Should I trust you on your words? If so why don’t you trunst me on my word and require me to prove identity?). Since US attacks the privacy concept is practically 0.
My guess is that no-matter what you do 100% anonymous isn’t possible( Freedom Hosting FBI ). Loved 2 comments and of course I’ll put them here for posterity:))
you broke into my house when i was not in – secret warrant – you capture all my phone calls recording everything i say online. you archive my twitter comments my Facebook account. you have cameras every were that can map my face but its OK. because there are a few pedophiles on the internet you can have my freedom.” by revealsins2me and another
Freedom robbers always act under the guise of being the good guys working to prevent indescribable bad things from happening. Much of the time the bad things are orchestrated, fooling a gullible public.” by Frank

Somne alleged “hackers” reconverted and now have security companies.. I think it’s about what crime you do on interent and how determined are the authorities to find you.It’s not about “they cannot catch me, i leave no trace”

  • Socks and proxy(socks more) are ok but little difficult to find one good(will cost) and is preferable to use them in chain..
  • You can use VPN service (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt your net traffic. Unfortunately a good service will cost. A very good service and free is TOR and you can learn more by reading the wikipedia about it on Wikipedia Tor , or here.

Overview: WebServer

No-matter if you follow or not the below list you must understand that if a medium “hacker” wants to gain access to your server (personal, small to medium), probably in over 50% of cases he will succeed. A DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service – and other attacks aimed to flood the server so that visitors will not be able to access your website) can happen to anyone (small, large, internet giants ..). For example Cloudflare (a CDN that offers DDOS protection among others) was attacked earlier this year to 400 Gbps (record) ( Largest DDOS attack ). Some ppl were doing some math and to mess with google you’ll need about 3Tbps (this is not incredible high taking into account the size of google and the already set record). So you have an idea about the power involved take a look at average internet speed according to akamai (for 2013): End-user net speed by country

  • Update all programs / services / plugins on the webserver. Most attacks use known vulnerabilities already published everywhere on net.
  • Never let root to log in directly. Login with a user and from there su ..
  • Try to change all ports(ssh, FTP, phpmyadmin,etc.. where you can, and use a firewall to limit access to ports) and do not open any ports you don’t use.
  • Disable all “services” on the server that you don’t use.
  • Never use nginx / apache as root.
  • Disable the display of web-server version, PHP, wordpres site, etc. to visitors
  • If you have a large company is a good idea to hire a security firm to do audits from time to time.
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