List of 16 Sites Using Twitter Bootstrap

16 Sites Using Twitter Bootstrap Platform There are increasingly more sites using twitter bootstrap, we got 16 of them, as promised in WebSite Development . You can choose to use twitter bootstrap for many reasons, the most common being the speed compared to write all the code in html, php and css .., integration with all types of devices (from desktop to phone ipad etc) and that comes with modified javascript libraries in a way that you can skip writing lines of code. But please beare in mind that havely modifing a wordpress theme or a site using twitter bootstrap to make it “original” takes time and is hard with […]

List of 16 Great Websites Using WordPress

A list of 16 great (visited / popular) websites who chose to use wordpress as CMS As I said in WebSite Development we owe you a list of sites. Ok, there are many large websites using wordpress, and we’re sure that we missed a lot of them. All these sites modified common wordpress themes beyond recognition, and you’ll certainly not find their themes anywhere, and if you do, you’ll find a poorly codded replicas. The idea is to show you how much a wordpress site can change and how far it came from being a simple “blog” since it’s release back in 2003. The New Yorker Vogue Acumen Museum of […]