PageRank Importance is ZERO!

PageRank Importance: Google Pagerank is not used anymore

Meaning is dead/finished/zero/bye!..Write us! Many directories and websites still use the method “I have PR 4-5-6-7” it will cost around $100 US/ year to place your link on our directory/site. This is not worth it anymore, and you need to carefully consider this type of links. Well, maybe for yahoo directory and few other sites with alexa under 10000 or well known and reputable sites you might benefit, but all the rest you should avoid. Before buying a link you should know that: 1 is against google policy and 2 latest trend for google is to penalize directories selling links. Even if you find directories not penalized yet for selling links doesn’t necessarily mean that things will stay the same in future. If you decide to buy a link, please guide after alexa rank and how reputable/trustworthy/old site is and not by PageRank.

A little PageRank History

Pagerank Algorithm was invented in 1996 by two very smart guys Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Standford University. Was published in 1998 and shortly after, Page and Brin founded google. Algorithm patent still belongs to Standford University, and for Google to use it they paid about 1.8 million shares. In 2005 Standford University sold those shares with $336 million.

PageRank Importance

PageRank was used to rank websites. In short terms if many sites with high PR placed a link to your site, some of their PR was transferred to you. A high PR helped you in a better placement on SERP. Doesn’t necessarily meant that websites with high PR always got first position in google for a given keyword, but surely helped.

Google always used it and before 2013, google updated PR of websites about 4 times/year. The problem arose when webmasters began to manipulate PageRank and obviously position in search engines. Due to this, pagerank diminished in importance over time, and google started to depend less and less on PR when displaying search results. They invented all sorts of algorithms such as panda, penguin and hummingbird designed to stop webmasters manipulating SERPs and penalize websites grown artificially to first positions in search results.

Last Intended PageRank Update was on February 4th 2013

Followed by another one on December 5th 2013 but it was not a deliberate update, as Matt Cutts said (head of webspam and search quality at google – now on vacation from July 2014 until 2015).

PageRank Importance is Null
Matt Cutts about Pagerank Update on december 5th 2013

In a google hangout, John Mueller from google Switzerland said:
“Toolbar PageRank is something that we have not updated for about a year now, and we’re probably not going to be updating it going forward” . This statement combined with what Matt said in 2013 and with update frequency(almost two years since the last wanted PR update) leads me to believe that PageRank Importance is zero. You can watch Mueller’s statement at 20:30.

Will update this post in case of PageRank Importance will increase but I doubt it.

Last modified: August 28, 2017