PC building services from parts

PC building services from parts : We’ll find the best and cheapest components for your custom PC

If we had to choose between a laptop and a desktop, we will always choose desktop, because we find it to be more “solid” and “reliable”, and we can configure it exactly how we want (including choosing the right manufacturer for each part). If you need mobility and don’t use a computer more than 2-3 hours a day,  is OK a laptop / notebook / tablet. Instead if you need to be on a computer more than 5 hours/day for several years, gaming, etc we recommend a desktop.

The pre-build PC’s(desktop) that you find in supermarkets or so, even if they are at a great price (sale or not) generally are build from less known manufactures and build either with awesome processor but not so great motherboard, or great processor and motherboard but not so good video card and so on..

Based on experience from our country pre-build pc’s are more expensive and less reliable than the ones you make from components.

PC building services - Intel i7 4770K vs Amd FX 9590
Intel i7 4770K vs Amd FX 9590 (Multumiri Cpuboss)

In the picture we see a benchmark for the two top processors from Intel and AMD (at this moment). Before choosing a component for your PC we make a thorough research.

The idea is this: You tell us your budget, and we’ll look on various websites for the best (price/performance) components for your PC. You will receive international warranty for each component from manufacturer. The bad part is that will not be able to put your PC together, but we can help with that from distance, either by skype with video on, or we can make a video on how we assemble a PC, and provide support.

PC building price (Config): $20 US/PC

  • We search the net for compatible parts for your PC, fitting your budget

We are convinced that you’ll be satisfied with our service. Not only you’ll know that you have quality components in you pc, but you’ll know that they are the best basted on various benchmarks.

You can call us at (+4) 0720 617 783 or you can send us an email from Contact page

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