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PHP Python AH IMacros Mongo Mysql WP, WP XMLRPC developer. Custom scripts and plugins.

We make custom scripts in php that can be used for different tasks. We modify source code of web applications to meet your requirements.

PHP, AutoHotkey, Imacros, WordPress, WP XMLRPC, Custom WP plugins

For example, html code of an external link, is usually like this:

We have some links like this:

As you can see here (you can use CTRL+U to see the page source code, look for imacros link). A visitor will arrive at imacros website in both cases, but we choose to use a php script for two reasons: 1 for SEO (for some of our nofollow links) and 2 to collect some data about the visitor who clicks on certain links. Php program looks like this:

PHP Programmer: go to link
Go to link, php program

These is the info that we obtained(we hid ip’s):

PHP programmer: What does the go to link program
Results of go to link php script

The next program reads from a csv file(we can use other file types..), certain info adding it to database(mysql). We did this job for a pretty popular video script ( but we can adapt it to suite your needs.

Some video site owners prefer embedding videos rather than hosting(it’s cheaper if your pay bandwidth). The admin of such a site spends much time adding 15-20 videos in database every day manually, so we made this program. Some larger sites offer their videos in csv files(like 50k-60k videos). They offer this for a backlink and because they can place ads in videos..

Our program reads a csv file in this order:

Embed|Category|Tags|Description|Title|Duration in Seconds|Picture

it verifies if there are banned words in title, category or description, it changes the video dimensions(embed code: width, height) so it matches our own and adds a video to website every 20 mins. The PHP program looks like this:

PHP program to add video to website from a csv file
PHP program that reads a csv file and adds a video to database every 20 mins

The next php program automatically posts link to various bookmarking sites, social networks, etc. Exactly it reads a csv file in this form: Link|Title|Description|Tags|Pic|Category

Php Program that reads a file and writes it in a imacros script
Php Program that reads a file and writes it in a imacros script

and introduces the values to an imacros script pattern, sorting them by category and description. After that the imacros script pattern, is saved as a able to run imacros script that can be used for Automating Tasks

PHP Programmer: Imacros Pattern
Imacros pattern, to be written by a php program

You can also use a PHP programmer to make some custom plugins(in this case for wordpress). For example our site is in 2 languages(romanian and english) so we require 2 google analytics codes, 2 hatom translations, etc. We wrote a plugin for this:

PHP program: IT Advice Plugin
IT Advice Plugin

We can work in smarty or other php frameworks, in general we can handle anything that contains php,html and css. We can change the core of your cms to fit your needs.

Other images:

Python, Mongo, Mysql, Bash Scripting

Some images:

The price for our programming services is 14 EUROS/hour, 12 if more than 100 consecutive hours. You’ll have remote access so 1 billed hour is 1 worked hour.

Payment at end of every worked week.

You can call us at (+4) 0720 617 783 or you can send us an email from Contact page

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