Search Engine Optimization, Dont’s

We continue our bible – Search Engine Optimization, with some other items from our don’ts checklist

Let’s begin with SEO definition from Wikipedia. “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results.” I understand that from the moment you optimize a page/a website you don’t need to buy advertising because it should bring visitors by itself(In fact this is why we use Search Engine Optimization) and I also understand that organic traffic means unpaid(SEO definition as is on Wikipedia) With this in mind let’s resume our Search Engine Optimization Don’ts.

3. Search Engine Optimization with Google Adwords

Seriously do I need to write here? I will receive visits on my site as long as google adwords advertising is active(or any other advertising SEO expert purchased for me). After the advertising is over I will not receive visits.

Search Engine Optimization Paid vs Organic Results
Search Engine Optimization Paid vs Organic Results
Usually Adwords (or other advertising like) will not influence SERP(Search Engine Ranking Page) in any way. Except the case when a visitor arrives to your site with the help of advertising, likes your content and shares it on social networks,blogs etc. Usually the visitors coming from advertising are interested solely on product/service that you offer and less to share your site. In the picture a paid advertising with Google adwords is the one in blue and with the red are organic results (were we all want to be)

4. Through Advanced Search Optimization Techniques we place ANY website on Search Engines first page

STFU! Let me explain. Suppose I am a costumer with a adult site, and I want you to place me first on google for keyword “free porn” or any other keyword used in adult world. I don’t think that the so-called SEO expert with his advanced optimization techniques can imagine what will take to get on google’s first page with an adult keyword. I think it’s cheaper to buy directly a website that is already on google’s first page. The price for a top adult website(if the owner decides to sell) is between $109,114,309.44 and $1,170,366,968 and earns daily $101,031.77, according to 2 websites specialized in calculating the value of other sites. This doesn’t mean that these websites are accurate but also doesn’t mean that they are severely wrong. Optimize that mr. advanced search optimization techniques…Or how can you promote me if you’re not ranking on first page for “Search Engine Optimization” keyword, and I arrived at your site through a google adwords advertising.

5. SEO spam in email

Few days ago I wanted to place an ad for real estate and I used my personal email to confirm. Bad move, I should have used a disposable email address like Guerrila Mail has. Of course I started to receive spam with all kind of crap. So a “very smart guy” send me a call to action SEO spam. How can I purchase Search Engine Optimization services from him, if he cannot rank on first page on google and feels the need to send spam? Anyway what kind of traffic I would receive if I buy his SEO services?
A optimization campaign must take into consideration converting the visitor to a buyer. If a visitor arrives to a site, he has to be at least remotely interested into products/services that you offer on site. This is why we have search terms in google, demographic campaigns etc..
As I see it the process of optimization must be like this: the visitor enters into SE my keyword. I need to be between first results with a detailed description and a good title that are both informative and accurate, so when the visitor clicks on my link he’s presented with all he needs to make a buy.

6. Search Engine Optimization for google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing

:)) Yahoo made a partnership in 2009 with Microsoft for 10 years, in which it’s search engine will be replaced by bing. The deal finalized in “early 2012” for all yahoo partners. Explain to me how you can optimize a site for Yahoo Search engine because when I try to submit my site to yahoo it takes me to bing: Yahoo Submit Site. Yahoo Search and Bing are exactly the same thing. You should update your site and stop promising people MSN and Yahoo is like you’re promising Bing and Bing. It should be Search Engine Optimization for google, bing, yandex, baidu. The other search engines are still small in comparison and usually get their results from these 4(like Duck Duck Go). For AOL you should submit your site to the biggest open source directory: Dmoz.When you talk about Search Engine Optimization in general you refer to google and bing. Yandex is usually for Russians(but they opened a center in Turkey also) and Baidu for Chinese. Optimization is different for baidu they still accept keywords-tags in metadata, considering them with high relevancy. Anyway according to Web Nots if we are to trust that info for english searches they get their result from ..surprise Bing. The above doesn’t in any way mean that you should not submit your site to Yandex and Baidu

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