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Wow very sexy when we hear about SEO Optimization First in Search Engines, no?

From that you get introduced with the notion that if I use “SEO Optimization” on my site I will be first in Search Engines, meaning more customers(If I have a product site) which results in more money. In theory this is true: If we have 2 sites with the same content, hosted on exactly same servers, in the same datacenter, having both the same internet speed, with 99,9% similar domain names, then if the first site uses SEO and both sites continue to update with the same content then the first site will appear first in SE(Search Engines)… but in practice there are no guarantees that a site will be first in SE nor on the first page, unless we’re aiming for less used keywords which probably won’t convert as good.

Bible: SEO Optimization is a few pages story in which I express my opinions about services that I not consider worthy investing money

First you need to understand that what I write is what I would do, not what you MUST do. Please read and judge yourself. For me if one of these items appear on a SEO website is an alarm signal, if more than one appears I simply close the site. I have based this bible on what I found on romanian websites, not on english ones. Almost all my knowledge comes from english sites, and I am grateful to each and every one of them.

1. Alexa Rank GLOBAL(Please make sure that is GLOBAL)

Probably the most important thing on this list and in general. There are quite a few extensions for browsers that will check your alexa rank, and Google PR(PageRank). Examples: Facebook: Alexa Rank 2, Google PR 9(Google Page Rank- How well site is seen by google – has ZERO importance for SEO (see here) ); Google: Alexa Rank 1, Google PR 9; Paypal Alexa Rank 37, PR 8; The idea is the following: If a website has Alexa Rank close to 1 is very visited(we deduct reliable). The alexa rank is hard to fake. Well theoretically if you have 100.000 bots clicking on your site day by day for 1 year maybe you can grow somewhere between 200k-100k alexa.
How this helps us in general?
It can save your money. If you receive a fake email from someone posing as bank, or paypal that takes you to a forged website looking the same like as your bank or paypal does, beside usual checks(seeing if you’re on https, or the domain is really your bank’s or paypal) if you have alexa plugin installed you can verify alexa ranking. If the page is forgery you’ll see higher than usual alexa rank or N/A(new site)
Same applies when buying from a site on web. Doesn’t hurt to have a better idea about that website too.
From SEO perspective
From my point of view if you are offering “SEO Optimization” services you are not allowed to have alexa under 500k(unless your site is new-under 1 year), because you’re supposed to be an interent specialist. Examples: Sites that I consider to be very good is and has alexa 2023(at time of checking)
From my point of view if you provide quality services ppl are interested so you’ll have good Alexa.

For FireFox we have:
SEO Status PageRank/Alexa Toolbar

SEO optimization SEO Status PageRank/Alexa
SEO optimization SEO Status PageRank/Alexa

SEO Optimization Alexa Rank
SEO Optimization Alexa Rank

made by Ruby Web (first image is the plugin image posted by authors as it appears when installing the addon). Next is how the plugin looks like on my pc, with windows xp and latest firefox. The green bar is Google PR, the blue one is Alexa Rank(Global).
SEO Optimization - 990 alexa rank global and on .ro
990 alexa rank global and on .ro

Next is a picture of website-no affiliation,picked purely accidental), how it looks on alexa. Notice the difference between Alexa Rank based on country and Alexa Rank Globally. So please guide yorself for Global Rank rather than local. From my point of view alexa is more accurate Globally(Alexa has US bot)

From Chrome we have
Page Rank and looks like this:
SEO Optimization - Page Rank Plugin for Chrome
Page Rank Plugin for Chrome

SEO Optimization - 990 page rank chrome
990 page rank chrome

The idea is that Alexa Rank doesn’t apply to sites younger than one year. Even thou is possible to achieve alexa under 500k in 1 year this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get there no-matter how well you know your SEO. Second pictures is for the same on the same windows xp but this time with chrome(this may look different if you have different OS- Windows 7,8, Linux, Mac etc..)
For other browsers please search yourself for plugins showing Alexa and Google PR.

As I was saying earlier “websites under 1 year”. How we can verify this? Well there is a very cool website called Way Back Machine that verifies the activity of a website on a period of time.
SEO Optimization - 990 history
990 history

SEO Optimization - Alexa history
Alexa history

SEO Optimization - Sfaturi IT History
Sfaturi IT History

If you see periods longer than 1 year of inactivity you have to consider the most recent activity. This usually means that the site was unavailable(Sold, poorly optimized etc). Way Back Machine cannot show you history earlier than 1996, but for most sites this is ok. IT Advice is new, actually I’ve translated this page from romanian on October 7th 2014. begun activity late 2009, and alexa was founded in 1996.
Before I purchase SEO services,or anything actually, I personally check Alexa Rank. If the site shows N/A I enter it to Way Back Machine to see if it is new. A website who offers quality SEO services must have a good Alexa Rank.

2. SEO Optimization

I saw that this pleonasm is very trendy. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. So when some-one says SEO Optimization it actually translates into Searh Engine Optimization Optimization. I see it like:
1. Either he doesn’t know what he’s talking about
2. He found a keyword who brings visits. Meaning he knows that the “SEO Optimization” is not correct and doesn’t care , he’s more interested to take visitor’s money. So I wonder about fairness…

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