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SEO Services Pricing, SERP Improvement : Why us?

We don’t just say “we are aware of the latest SEO techniques”, we prove it. To make an idea of our belief, first please read from menu Bible – SEO all parts. We must prove that we successfully ranked very well various websites in search engines. After a simple analysis of our site:

SEO Services Pricing - https
SEO Services Pricing - Https Warning Triangle
Https Warning Triangle

We use https (SSL). Google provides engine boost for SSL(announced on August 6, 2014 here. Notice that our SSL it’s not with an warning triangle as other sites have(this is not about the cost of SSL certificate is about how you implement it. As a matter of fact we have free SSL). From this attention to detail

Check out our website loading speed,

SEO Services Pricing - Loading Speed SfaturiIT.Ro
Loading Speed SfaturiIT.Ro
SERP Improvement pricing - Loading Speed History
Loading Speed History

compare our speed with other sites offering SEO. We have also attached a history of our loading speed. You can test any site here . At settings please select the most farther location from your server, so test will be more accurate.

Most JavaScript in the bottom of the page if possible.

SEO Services Pricing - Javascript Functions on bottom
Javascript Functions on bottom

Of course some “items” require javascript higher, but very few, most times you can move them. You can check the page source of any website on internet with CTRL + U (In Firefox, Chrome and probably other browsers) or right click to see page source.

H1,H2,H3.. tags are not so important,

SEO Services Pricing - SEO Suggestions from Bing
SEO Suggestions from Bing

since html5 according to google, but Bing still uses them. You can login to bing webmaster tools and test any of your pages. We tested this one
Optimizare SEO, primu’n motoarele de cautare. The utility can be found in “Diagnostics & Tools” and is called “SEO Analyzer” (is still in beta).

Test us for html5 W3 Validator

SEO Services Pricing - w3c validation for html5
w3c validation for html5
W3 validation for page
W3 validation for page

Compare our errors with errors of our competitors, to see if there are errors in implementation or data errors from some plugin.

Even the way you came to us matter. How did you find us ? Clicking on an paid or unpaid advertisement? What about competition?

We don’t use “backhat SEO”, programs like xrumer not for our main site or any of our Tier 1/2/3/4 or socials(we don’t use “link-building schemes” 2000 sites point to 100, this 100 pointing to 20 and those 20 to our main site..)We do not want to be penalized by the next panda / penguin update.

There are many other things but will not go into details. Our aim is that at the end of our collaboration, to have customers without having to pay advertising all the time to support your business, and do that only if you need more(this is the definition of SEO actually). We can not guarantee first in google, depends heavily on competition, how is your site build, how we communicate with your it department(root(if needed)/ftp/ etc..), the change that you are willing to make in how your site is rendered to visitors, and many more for lasting results. We can guarantee that you will have more visitors, and more interested in buying your product / service offered. For SERP improvement we usually target medium used keywords that bring traffic, we make together the keyword choice, and because we cannot guarantee first position in google we will not urge you to choose less used keyword so it will be easier for us to rank your website first position in google. SEO takes time, it can not be done overnight, google penalize us if we appear suddenly with many backlinks. We will be at your disposal no-matter what package you choose, and you must know that these prices are informative, it depends very much on how your site it’s made. You’ll receive monthly reports(twice on month/every week: depends on how often you’ll want it) for any modification/link brought to your site

Seo Audit – Price: $100 US

We do SEO audit, in which we analyze your site for SERP improvement. We will not make any changes in the structure of site, will just say what you need to change. We have a list of over 100 (and still adding to it) SEO relevant items. We’ll compare your website with over 60 of them. Testing is mostly manual(we must however use a bot to discover all links, errors, how your website is acting without flash,java etc..), applying to multiple pages(not just home) and takes about 1-2 days.

Recover from google penalty – Price: $100 US(Manual Penalty)

There are 2 types of penalty. Manual Penalty: When in webmaster tools is a message from google saying that your site got penalized, automatic penalty: made by penguin, panda, hummingbird etc.. For automatic penalty is pretty hard to recover website, and it takes until the next algorithm update to see the results. It depends on how affected is a penalized site to decide if we can fix it without changing the domain name. Depending on what we find we can establish a price for automatic penalty. We may need FTP access to site(or to speak with somebody who can implement the changes)

SEO Services Pricing (Base Package 1): $300 US/package

Project duration can be from one month to 2 months and will focus on main pages to optimize for chosen keywords. We test your website with our SEO list. We fix some problems (we need ftp for it), such as:

  • Optimized images + resize and “alt tags”
  • 404 pages
  • correct rules for .htaccess
  • Source code modification(where is needed)
  • Duplicate content(category-tags-pagination)
  • we modify redirects from 302 in 301
  • Robots.txt (making and checking if is correct from SE point of view. Submission)
  • sitemap.xml (submit to SE, checking.. If you don’t have any sitemap we’ll create a static one with items already on your site)
  • Feed Checking
  • Titles, Meta descriptions, urls (for each page)
  • Adding/Correcting H1,H2,h3..
  • Adding/Submitting your site to SE/Webmaster Tools/Analytics
  • Combine Java/CSS and moving to footer
  • Social Sharing (installation/configuration)
  • +++ Others..

SEO Services Pricing (Base Package 2): $450 US/Package

Package 2 includes all of Base Package 1: +

  • Dynamic Sitemap. You’ll be able to use it for all of your site links (including new ones that appear after we finish optimization)
  • Using a CDN to deliver static content. The CDN will be a free one(does not cost anything per month, unless you wish otherwise) and/or using Google App Engine as a CDN.
  • SERP Improvement pricing - Sprite Images
    Sprite Images

    Using Sprites, in places where this is possible. Insted of making 10 requests for 10 images, will be making only 1 request to a file that contains all of 10 images, and with css help will display what image we want. Need some changes to CSS code

  • Implementation: Twitter Card, Bredcrumb, Hatom (Some require minor changes on how site is rendered to visitors)
  • +++ Others ..

SEO Services Pricing (Base Package 3):Slightly Variable(We need to check server state) $1100 US/package

Depending on your site, this package may not be possible to implement without a downtime(one of the reasons for variable price / if downtime is longer than 8 hours price will be lowered) and will be needing root access to your server. Project duration is at least 2 months and contains base package 2 +

  • SPDY protocol. SPDY is a google project (mainly),
    SEO Services Pricing - spdy test
    spdy test
    SERP Improvement pricing -  SSL Certificate Grade
    SSL Certificate Grade
    SEO Services Pricing - OCSP (Spdy) stampling
    OCSP (Spdy) stampling

    you can see more on Spdy Wikipedia and you can test any site here Spdy Check. In the first picture you have our SPDY test. How spdy is implemented, also the https safety are in second picture. First section is the grade that we obtained when installed the server(May-June), the second is from when we wrote this page and notice that although the server has mitigated the poodle attack on sslv3, is recommended to disable the ssl v3. Unfortunately those with Internet Explorer v6 won’t be able to access our site. The last section is how our certificate looks like now. For all customers we install SHA256, and you’ll have A+ grade (we’ll change ours at renewal time).The last picture is OCSP stamping with SPDY. To test SSL connection of any website we recommend SSL Test (which we used in our tests)

  • Mod pagespeed ( recompile webserver if you are on nginx )
    SEO Services Pricing - Modpagespeed Sfaturi IT
    Modpagespeed Sfaturi IT
    Modpagespeed is a google project, and you can read more here: ModPageSpeed .For this we need to modify webserver and not website. Will install the last version (our is from may-june )

  • Installing and configuring a firewall
    SERP Improvement pricing - Firewall
    easier to use to counter some attacks that can slow your website loading speed to visitors/bots. This firewall is a free version, quite ok for a small-medium site. Of course there are other more advanced solutions such as hardware ones but more expensive. In the picture you have a DOS attack, very common.
  • Html5 compatibility (where is possible – requires rewriting parts of source code)
  • Implementing free Newsletter
  • Optimizing all your pages(another reason why the price is variable / we’ll rise the costs if pages are > 100 )
  • Will teach you best SEO practices (our manual if you like :) and will give you more ideas to expand)
  • ++ Others

SEO Services Pricing (Keyword Package from 3 words): $400 US/package

First page on google for a keyword compound from 3 words. For example we’ll rank you on first page with “food for dogs”. Although we cannot guarantee, here you’ll obtain first page for adjacent compund from 3 or more words, for example: “food for cats” or “dogs and cats nutrition”, etc. + domain name, in case that is not already first in google.

  • Report containing every backlink.

SEO Services Pricing (Keyword Package from 2 words): $600 US/package

First page on google for a keyword compound from 2 words. For example we’ll rank you on first page with “Veterinary Clinic”. Although we cannot guarantee, here you’ll obtain first page for adjacent compund from 2 or more words, for example: “Animal Clinic” or “animal care clinic”, etc. + domain name, in case that is not already first in google.

  • Report containing every backlink.

SEO Services Pricing (Maintenance Package): $80 US/month

This package includes:

  • Maintaining your website among first results
  • Adding and monitoring(to avoid eventual penalties) backlinks.
  • Help with plugin/website updates

For other requests like rewriting parts of code, adding and configuring widgets, monitoring server attacks will charge separately.

SERP Improvement (Custom): Any Budget

Contact Us and according to your site we can make a price within your budget and a solution to be satisfied

Server, Site, SEO (Total Package): Pricing from $1750 US/package

Project duration:Everything beside ranking on first pages: 2 months minimum; ranking for keywords: 6 months minimum(if domain is new). If you are a large company that needs more servers (one firewall, one-two servers nginx / apache, databases, etc) you’ll need someone to configure them to work together.

  • We help with advice on choosing a cheap and good server
  • We can give advice in choosing a hosting at reasonable prices (colocation).
  • If you don’t want to purchase a server, for a monthly fee we can host your website on our server, and of course we’ll keep a lookout for errors, flooding etc. Server is in Bucharest, Romania
  • We’ll install LEMP stack with SEO modules ( Linux, Nginx, Maria DB/or Mysql, Php) at no additional cost unless you choose control panels like WHM or do not want free ssl. You will learn everything you need to know to manage your site at basic level.
  • Firewall(soft), FTP, Mail, PhpMyadmin
  • Creating your Website We would like to send you proposal from which you can choose from. All of our proposal is based more on SEO viable website rather than a “flashy” one. If you have an idea of what site you want, it can be done as long as you accept our amendments. It can be made multi-language
  • + All SEO services form base package 3
  • 1 Keyword package 3 words + 1 keyword package 2 words

SEO Services Conditions

In order to rank you for a given keyword, and to avoid penalties, WE DON’T RANK ANY SITE WITHOUT A BASE PACKAGE . Before it was pretty simple, everybody placed many backlinks and google ranked your site among first results, but now is a very big change to get penalized if you do the same. Therefore we need to make appropriate changes to ranking page. From our example in order to rank a veterinary click for keyword “veterinary clinic” you can choose base package 1 + keyword package from 2 words, and the total cost would be $900 US.
Ranking Duration for one ore or more keywords is 3 months(no-matter if keyword is compound from 2 or more words).
We do not rank more than 2 keywords You cannot choose more than 2 keyword packages for the same site. In rare cases we’ll make an exception we do 3, but only if your site passes a series of tests(and those 3 must contain at least 1 keyword package from 3 words). Is not like we don’t need/want money but we must avoid an eventual penalty for your site. If you don’t care about it, we can do as many keywords as you want.
Texts for every page must be made together. We don’t know the details of your business as well as you do. Going back to food for dogs example, you certainly know better for which affection/dog a type of food is recommended.
Beside maintenance package which is based on subscription(discount applied for 6 or 12 months), others are one time fee.
No-matter on how well the optimization goes there is always a risk to be penalized by google because of competition. For example a competitor hires somebody to create “toxic” backlinks, so google penalizes your site. The chances are slim, but it happens. This thing can be prevented in about 60% cases with a maintenance package. We’ll explain why 60% at the time of collaboration.
You can take a base package without purchasing a keyword package.Vice versa no
If you choose a keyword from 3 words “food for dogs” and we rank on first page for “food for dogs” and also for “dog food” + adjacent, you’ll pay for keyword package from 2 words. It applies only to keywords made from 2 words that have moderate to high google searches.

We believe that you’ll be satisfied with any package you choose. We offer all the paperwork you’ll need. Payment is 50% in advance and 50% on completion.

You can call us at (+4) 0720 617 783 or you can send us an email from Contact page

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