Webserver Installation (LEMP Stack SEO ready)

Webserver Installation Pricing (LEMP Stack SEO ready)

Webserver Installation Pricing - Nginx Repo
Nginx Repo

Most of the companies offering hosting services, tend to install the same configuration for all servers. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it depends on what you want to do with the server. To have a site optimized for search engines we can install some additional modules such as modpagespeed from Google, SPDY etc .. and disable others.

For example, on our server we don’t have “mail server”, although we have address on domain (@sfaturiit.ro). Our email is sent and received using free services offered by Yandex Mail and Zoho mail (we chose this type of configuration to avoid problems) google and microsoft provide also this services but for a monthly fee.

One of the most targeted services is mail. In time you’ll have problems with it, from unsuccessful login attempts to fully distributed attacks on your server (more in posts). If you wish to keep your mail on your server, we can install it with any interface you desire, but our recommendation is to leave your email to better protected servers (as long is free and you can send and receive mail from @yourdomain.tld).

SELinux for example is enabled, although causes many problems when installing some services, for which some prefer to disable it. We’ll treat your server like our own. We can install some additional services to help you with administration but some decent ones cost about $30-$40 US/month. We can teach you the basic of administration plus you’ll have phpmyadmin to play with your database.

If you only need to install PHP for example, contact us to establish a price.

Webserver Installation Pricing LEMP Stack SEO ready (Server): Starting from $350 US/Install

  • CentOS Installation
  • Installing and configuring NGINX + more
  • Installing and configuring Bind
  • Installing and configuring FTP
  • Installing MariaDb (recommendation) or Mysql
  • Installing php-fpm with memcached + configuration
  • Installing PhpMyadmin (optional)
  • Installing and configuring Firewall

Server, Site, SEO (Total Package): Pricing from $1750 US/package

Project duration:Everything beside ranking on first pages: 2 months minimum; ranking for keywords: 6 months minimum(if domain is new). If you are a large company that needs more servers (one firewall, one-two servers nginx / apache, databases, etc) you’ll need someone to configure them to work together.

  • We help with advice on choosing a cheap and good server
  • We can give advice in choosing a hosting at reasonable prices (colocation).
  • If you don’t want to purchase a server, for a monthly fee we can host your website on our server, and of course we’ll keep a lookout for errors, flooding etc. Server is in Bucharest, Romania
  • We’ll install LEMP stack with SEO modules ( Linux, Nginx, Maria DB/or Mysql, Php) at no additional cost unless you choose control panels like WHM or do not want free ssl. You will learn everything you need to know to manage your site at basic level.
  • Firewall(soft), FTP, Mail, PhpMyadmin
  • Creating your Website We would like to send you proposal from which you can choose from. All of our proposal is based more on SEO viable website rather than a “flashy” one. If you have an idea of what site you want, it can be done as long as you accept our amendments. It can be made multi-language
  • + All SEO services form base package 3(you’ll find here the specs: SEO Services Pricing, SERP Improvement )
  • 1 Keyword package 3 words + 1 keyword package 2 words

We believe that you’ll be satisfied with any package you choose. We offer all the paperwork you’ll need. Payment is 50% in advance and 50% on completion.

You can call us at (+4) 0720 617 783 or you can send us an email from Contact page

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