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WebSite Development with SEO in mind, based on CMS, bootstrap or “directly”

From our point of view the creation of web sites are classified as (well there are many subcategories but this is how we classify them based on ease of administration):

  1. Website Building “directly” : Meaning simply write the code in html,css,php, etc.. without any help like fireworks / dreamweaver / bootstrap etc..
  2. Website Building with the help of Twitter Bootstrap (or other utilities ..) Is if you want something between “directly” and “cms”. You also write the code but you got a little help from a predefined css and some other classes. For example if you have to place a button somewhere on website, you don’t need to actually build it in css for example, you can simply use a predefined class. Plus many other things like mobile optimization.
  3. Website Building with a CMS (Content Management System) Here we’ll insert all the websites that can be online in very short time, where you only need to pick a template/form (For example: WordPress (no longer a simple blog), Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart etc..)

Uncle Google says that “more original a site is, greater the value”. Theoretically “directly” build websites have to be the most advantaged, and they are, but very little. Let’s take for example wordpress, there are so many templates and so many plugins that you can make an wordpress site look like a video tube, store, band, brand, etc.., so that from SEO point of view the difference is not significant.

“The trouble” appears at websites made “directly” or through “bootstrap” .Is hard to implement SEO rules for the person/company who actually owns the site if he/they are not familiarized very well with the coding, and from security. It is very difficult to code properly, take for example php, depending of how it used, a ” or || placed incorrectly can lead to a vulnerability that can be exploited and hence to larger problems. This is why the big sites like (facebook, google, yahoo) pay people to seek vulnerabilities in their codes. It goes on the assumption that no site in the world is 100% secure, probably gmail is around 99%. From our list the safest are CMS based sites, followed by bootstrap and “directly” build websites.

For the “ease of use”/ functionality / layout / especially SEO: If you have a regularly updated website, because of so many plugins / templates at this moment we recommend WordPress

For the most of the websites on net, main purpose is to bring customers/visitators, to sell a product or service or display advertising. The website must be easy to maintain, safe as it can be, easy to update, SEO friendly, appealing, and easy to navigate. Discussions are endless, if you do it to “flashy” is not ok for SEO, if you don’t update is not ok for security, and so on.. There is no perfect solution all have flaws and strengths.

Websites using wordpress

WebSite Development Pricing The New Yorker (wordpress)
The New Yorker (wordpress)
WebSite Development Pricing Vogue (WordPress)
Vogue (WordPress)

Websites using twitter bootstrap

WebSite Development Pricing - Brewerydb (bootstrap)
Brewerydb (bootstrap)

Website build “directly”

WebSite Development Pricing Facebook (direct)
Facebook (direct)

If you need to see more examples please check out 16 Websites Using WordPress and 16 Sites Using Twitter Bootstrap

Website Building (Website):14 EUROS/hour, 12 if more than 100 consecutive hours

I can say that will not take more than 3-4 hours for a simple WP install(theme bought by you, with some minor changes, theme demo import, all plugins needed + seo/social media plugins + few pages SEO ready).

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